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Where to Ski Without the Crowds This Winter

  When planning your next ski season, one factor that often gets overlooked is how busy the best ski resorts can get at peak season. It’s unlikely you’ll want to be tripping over other skiers on the slopes or battling for space at the après ski bar. Luckily, it’s possible to find quieter, top ski resorts in Europe a little off the beaten track. It’s knowing where to find them that’s the problem… We’ve put together this list of where

Best Places for Last-Minute Summer Getaways in the Alps

Green fields in the Alps during the Summer

Summer is in full swing! Once the temperature rises, lots of us start packing our bags to make the most of it. But, many don’t have too much time to spare! So, if you’re seeking a quick weekend break, or a short mid-week vacation, you can’t venture too far out. No one wants to waste these precious hours travelling! This is why Alpine ski resorts are the perfect choice of destination. Unconvinced? Here are the best places for last-minute summer

Ingenious Ways to Entertain Your Child While Travelling

While children love being on holiday, it’s fair to say they don’t enjoy travelling. In fact, this is an understatement. While we’ve already offered some advice on why a holiday with kids needn’t be stressful, physically getting to your destination often proves the hardest part. Many parents have admitted to avoiding any travel at all with children in tow, largely because entertaining children on long journeys is a tough task. Hand-luggage sizes limit the number of toys and activities that

How to store ski & snowboard equipment in the off-season

It is official – the ski season is over, my friend. It is time to say goodbye to your awesome skis, snowboard, jacket and boots. So the next question is: how and where am I supposed to put all that stuff? Of course, you can just leave it in the garage and deal with it when the snow starts to fall, but you won’t be happy when you’ll see it next time. Why? Because moisture and dirt can do more

Alps2Alps choice: TOP 3 spa retreats in the Alps

Spring is the best time to renew and rejuvenate your body and soul for the upcoming summer season so it’s time for vacation! You can still ski in March and April and yet enjoy the nature’s awakening, but, we know, skiing probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when it comes to relaxing vacation. But what if we told you that you can have it all – an active day on the slopes, breathtaking views, bit of greenery peeking

5 Awesome Facts About the Alps Everyone Should Know

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Alps’? Everyone associates it with something different yet common – snow, high altitude, skiing, meadows, cows, wooden chalets, musical “The sound of music”… You name it. But there’s always something new to discover about this wonderful and almost magical place. Here are five cool facts about the Alps, which can serve as great conversation starters!  This is what we’ll be covering: Etymology Highest mountain Tourism Nature

Most Popular Ski Resorts In Austria

Austrian mountain resorts have always been a very popular ski area attracting winter sports fans from all over the world. Ski resorts situated in the Austrian Alps are suitable for all levels of skiers, especially for families with children. If you are planning a ski holiday for this winter, have a look at some of most popular Austrian ski destinations we have picked for you to help you start your ski-trip. Kitzbuehel Ski Area Kitzbuehel is the place where you

Things To Do In The Alps In Summer

The Alps are not only one of the popular winter holiday destinations for skiers, freestylers and winter sports lovers, but also provide a wide variety of summer outdoor activities for hikers and mountaineers. Coming to the Alps in summer you will make your holiday a unique experience and create wonderful memories that will last forever. The dramatic Alpine scenery and breathtaking landscapes, fresh air, crystal clear lakes and the bright-blue sky will help you get the most from your vacation.

From a Driver’s Perspective – How to Rub your Driver Up the Wrong Way

There’s really no better way on Earth to see a full cross-section of society that by running coach transfer services for holidaymakers – of at least that’s my experience of things. Allow me to explain; I’m a coach driver currently working with Alps2Alps airport transfers and spend most of my working life getting folk from the arrivals hall at Geneva Airport to where they need to be and then back again at the end. Sounds easy I know, but I’d like

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