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6 Things to Know Before Traveling to Switzerland

Switzerland is not only one of the richest and wealthiest countries in the world, but also one of the most spectacular places where you can experience a true closeness to nature. If you are reading this article, then probably Switzerland is already on your travel list. If so, you know that travelling options and to-do/ to-see list is almost endless, but before going to this amazing country you need to know a few things about Swiss habits, culture and other

Fondue Savoyarde Recipe – Classic Apres-Ski Dish in the French Alps

The Savoie region is one of the most famous and fashionable skiing destinations in France.  Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, the Savoie ski resorts attract winter sports fans and gastronomy lovers to enjoy an outstanding traditional Savoyard dishes and unique French gourmet experience. The food here is rich in traditional ingredients, such as delicious mountain cheese, fresh berries, apples, mushrooms collected in the forests, fresh fishery products, etc. The traditional Savoyard dishes have enough calories to fuel

Catch a View: Weird & Wonderful Buildings Worth a Gaze

The Alps and the surrounding regions are full of the most amazing views, but sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious to find the most impressive and curious of all. So instead of just taking a few pictures through the window of your Alps2Alps resort transfer bus, make the effort to visit any of these gems and you’ll be more than glad you did: 1) Sphinx Observatory This is probably no weirder than your average observatory admittedly, but when