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4 great reasons to have a family spring vacation in Tirol

The Austrian state of Tirol is one of the most spectacular places to visit in all seasons. Everyone knows it offers world famous ski resorts and countless winter sports activities, but soon the skiing season will be over and then what? Skis off and hiking boots on! Snow will soon start melting and nature will revive, as the crocuses and snowdrops come to light on the meadows. Breathe in the fresh air and let the natural forces of nature have

What to pack for ski trip: the ultimate checklist

Packing for a trip is a troublesome task to begin with, but packing for your ultimate ski vacation can be a nightmare. We know that very well because of the countless attempts to pack a perfect suitcase. And we also know that wisdom really comes only from experience. In order to save your precious time, we made a checklist of items you may need or want to take on a skiing vacation. Obviously, everyone’s holiday is somewhat different, so everyone

How To Get Your Kids Ready To Hit The Slopes

Kids enjoy snow and fun so why not to introduce your little ones to skiing? You may not believe, but 3-year olds can strap on a pair of skis and go down a mountain. If you are new to the skiing, you can learn all together. A family ski holiday is one of the most satisfying, breathtaking and memorable ways to spend time together. So, what do you need to know to make your kids ready for the slopes? Keeping

How to Prevent Transfer Tantrums – Tips for Parents

It’s amazing how many families come home from their ski holidays each year and only have one negative section of the trip to speak of – that being the resort transfer. Of course, this isn’t anything to do with the quality or reliability of Geneva Airport transfers as a whole, but rather the way in which resort transfers tend to be the epicentre when it comes to tears and tantrums of kids that are just about getting sick of travelling

How to Pass the Time on Geneva Ski Resort Transfer

Let’s face it, there comes a time in every journey with the family when conversation dries up, initial excitement begins to subside and everyone basically shares the same prayer to get to the resort and get on the slopes as fast as possible. It would also probably be fair to say that this stage usually kicks in close to the time of arrival at Geneva Airport, which can then make the on-going resort transfer quite the ordeal – particularly where

Shorter Transfers = Fewer Tantrums

What the vast majority of families taking their little ones away on holiday for the first, sometimes the twelfth time fail to realise is that it isn’t the bulk of the journey that’s the killer, but rather the resort transfers. Indeed, getting to Geneva airport is only half of the battle…maybe less. There are however a few golden rules for keeping the peace, with one in particular guaranteed to breed family harmony and fewer tantrums. Once kids get past a

Skiing with Children – Does it Have to be so Painful?

First and foremost I will answer the question outright – no, it most certainly does not. If you’re in the mindset whereby the very thought of taking the kids along for a skiing holiday fills you with abject dread, chances are you’ve either already had at least one unpleasant experience – though you might just be being overly dramatic. The truth is, kids take to the slopes like a fish to water and as is the case with most activities,

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