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20+ Tips for Skiing with Kids

Is there a better way to spend your winter vacation than going on a skiing holiday with your whole family? Imagine a nice mountain getaway and sunny days spent on the slopes skiing with kids! Read this article to get some useful tips for skiing with children that will help you have the best family time ever!   Safety Always First Safety always first when it comes to skiing with young children. Slopes can be tricky and, even if you’re

12+ Tips You Really Need to Know When Driving in the Alps in Your Own Car

There are many options when it comes to getting to that Alpine ski resort that you’ve already chosen – a plane, a coach or even train. But there are several advantages if you choose driving through the mountains in your own car. For example, you can have all the flexibility – take as much luggage as you want or even move on to another skiing destination any time!   However, mountain driving is a serious matter, therefore all Alps2Alps cars

Top 6 places to visit in Bavaria

Bavaria is not only the largest federal state in Germany, it is also the most scenic one. This place keeps its clichéd promises – you will see many beautiful forests, mountains, castles, lakes and rivers. It really has it all for those who appreciate nature and great outdoors. If you are considering going to Bavaria, read our suggestions on our top five favorite places of the magical land of beer.   Munich Officially Munich is the capital of Bavaria; unofficially

Important Insurance Checks – Don’t lose Out

Here’s a lesson I recently learned the hard way following an eventful trip to the Alps – never take anything for granted when it comes to your travel insurance. Let me explain… I’d like to assume that at this particular point in time there aren’t many out there that would dare heading away – especially on a sporty break – without insurance. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say I have confidence that most will take out

Ski Insurance Warning Reissued to Brits

According to leading insurance bodies across the UK, no less than one million festive holidaymakers will be toying with fate by hitting the French Alps over the Christmas period without adequate insurance. The popularity of these kinds of holidays is literally skyrocketing year after year, with almost 18% of all UK adults having indicated their intentions to take a ski or snowboarding holiday this year. Worryingly however, upwards of 10% admitted that they have no intention of buying any insurance