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10 Free Things to Do in the Alps

The thought of a trip to the Alps always conjures up images of living the high life and rubbing shoulders with the elite, but in reality, this isn’t always the case at all. Or at least it doesn’t have to be as once you step off your Alps2Alps transfers in any of the key resorts across the French Alps, you actually find a ton of amazing things to do that won’t cost you a penny – most of which you

French Christmas Markets – A Break from the Alps

With thousands of Brits once again making their annual jaunt to the French Alps for a taste of a real winter wonderland, tour operators are urging them not to pass up one of the most wonderful festive treats of all – France’s legendary Christmas markets. True, most of the following example will demand more than a slight jaunt from the usual haunts like Grenoble, but when it comes to capturing the real essence of Christmas, it really is worth taking