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Wendy Hollands – The Aussie Outsider Who Lives in France

Today’s Alps2Alps guest is Wendy Hollands, a journalist, writer but, above all, snow-based activities lover! Let’s ask her some questions! 1) How long have you been living in France and why did you decide to move there? I’ve been permanently living in France since 2006, with lots of winter seasons there prior to that. I moved here because I fell in love with both the snow conditions and the language, and living in France meant I could enjoy both. 2)

Life (and Skiing) from Andreas Fransson’s Angle

Andreas Fransson is a professional skier, writer, philosopher and adventurer from the north of Sweden living in Chamonix, France. He shares with us some tips and expert opinions about skiing and French Alps. 1) How long have you been skiing? And how long have you been a pro? I’ve been skiing my whole life, since I quit school I’ve gotten all my money through skiing or climbing; first through ski and climbing instruction and guiding, but the last 3-4 years