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Alps2Alps choice: TOP 3 spa retreats in the Alps

Spring is the best time to renew and rejuvenate your body and soul for the upcoming summer season so it’s time for vacation! You can still ski in March and April and yet enjoy the nature’s awakening, but, we know, skiing probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when it comes to relaxing vacation. But what if we told you that you can have it all – an active day on the slopes, breathtaking views, bit of greenery peeking

4 great reasons to have a family spring vacation in Tirol

The Austrian state of Tirol is one of the most spectacular places to visit in all seasons. Everyone knows it offers world famous ski resorts and countless winter sports activities, but soon the skiing season will be over and then what? Skis off and hiking boots on! Snow will soon start melting and nature will revive, as the crocuses and snowdrops come to light on the meadows. Breathe in the fresh air and let the natural forces of nature have

Want to be amazing at snowboarding? Here is how!

So you have mastered the basics of snowboarding, you’re linking turns and feel confident on your board? Great! Then you are ready to move on and try out some of our intermediate snowboarding tips, because there’s nothing better than nailing a new trick, tearing up a new run or hitting a new feature for the first time. Of course, these tips can’t take the place of a great snowboard instructor, but will give you some things to think about when

What to pack for ski trip: the ultimate checklist

Packing for a trip is a troublesome task to begin with, but packing for your ultimate ski vacation can be a nightmare. We know that very well because of the countless attempts to pack a perfect suitcase. And we also know that wisdom really comes only from experience. In order to save your precious time, we made a checklist of items you may need or want to take on a skiing vacation. Obviously, everyone’s holiday is somewhat different, so everyone

The Origins of the World Famous Water Evian

Source: www.evian-tourisme.com This charming French town has more to offer than just fresh, delicious water! Évian-les-Bains or Évian is a commune in the south-eastern part of France, located in the beautiful and famous Rhône-Alpes region right on the shores of stunning Lake Geneva. This mesmerizing little town nowadays has one of the most popular resorts and spa centres in Europe – over the centuries Evian-les-Baines has been well known for its springs which provide the travellers and locals with absolutely delicious, refreshing water

Making the Most of Geneva – Beyond the Airport

Every year, hundreds of thousands of British tourists pass through Geneva Airport on their way to any of dozens of destination in the French Alps to indulge their ski passions. What’s more, most will adamantly claim that they have every intention of making the very most of their trip and checking out all their chosen resort has to offer, soaking up a little culture and broadening their horizons. However, I’d go out on a limb and say that at least

Geneva Airport Transfers – FAQ

Along with the obvious points to consider, there are various other matters facing those looking to book a Geneva Airport resort transfer service that really must be clarified before making a booking. So, from departure services to travelling with kids and oversized baggage situations, be sure to check out the following additional FAQ before signing up next time around: What Time Do Departure Services Pick Up on the Day We Leave? This will depend entirely on your proximity to Geneva

Half Price Geneva Airport Transfers for Savvy Spenders

Image of skiers in an alpine ski resort on a snowy day

Are there ways and means to score cheap transfers from Geneva Airport into the French Alps? You better believe there are and the really good news is that none of them involve any kind of scheming or risks whatsoever! Like most travel services all over the world there are tons of ways to go about arranging airport transfers to Megeve, Les Arcs, Pardiski and so on, with most telling us that there are no right and wrong ways to go

How to Prevent Transfer Tantrums – Tips for Parents

It’s amazing how many families come home from their ski holidays each year and only have one negative section of the trip to speak of – that being the resort transfer. Of course, this isn’t anything to do with the quality or reliability of Geneva Airport transfers as a whole, but rather the way in which resort transfers tend to be the epicentre when it comes to tears and tantrums of kids that are just about getting sick of travelling

Group Ski Holidays – Airport Transfer Options

Each year, thousands of group travellers from the UK hit Geneva Airport on their way to the ski holidays and each year without fail, thousands also wonder what on Earth is the best idea for them in terms of getting from the airport to the end resorts. So, if among the masses still thinking about the best course of action to take this time around, consider the following guide the simplest and most concise on the four options available to

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