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200+ Years of Beer Drinking and Folk-Music Festivities – the One and Only – Oktoberfest!

Every year Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and during these 16 days, more than 6 million people are attending this event. It’s the world’s largest Volksfest – beer festival and travelling funfair. It usually starts in the middle of September, taking advantage of warmer weather, and ends in the first week of October. This year the opening ceremony was held on 19th September and the festival will close on Sunday 4th October 10:30 pm. Source: www.oktoberfest.net   So

Bavaria’s Best Beer Gardens – Places you Must Visit in Munich

When it comes to beer-drinking, Bavarians do take it very seriously: there are more than 180 beer gardens of varying sizes in and around Munich, with more than 180 000 seating places in total! These gardens are a beloved oasis of convivial drinking and eating during summer, and beer gardens are exactly those places that bring everyone together from different age groups and social classes to celebrate this wonderful cultural and social heritage – beer! The Origins of Bavaria Source: