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Holiday in the French Alps – Stay Connected

It wasn’t long ago that the thought of calling home while on holiday was about as pleasant on the pocket as the flights needed to get there. You could practically hear your bank balance being eaten away at by the second with various connection fees and surpluses coming in for an added sting in the tail. Sadly, at least for those not bothering to check out the options available to them, this is still pretty much the state of play

It’s Already Spring – Should I Bother Booking My Transfers?

The spring is well and truly on its way, which for the most part means quieter slopes, shorter lift lines and probably a decent flurry of cheap flights too. Or in other words, it’s almost peak season for bargain-hunters looking to take a trip to the French Alps while handing over as little cash for the privilege as possible. Now, while all of the above is all well and good, it’s often a little too easy to fall into a

Geneva Airport Transfers – Advanced Bookings FAQ

There are dozens of questions that really need to be clarified before confidently heading off to Geneva Airport and hopping on a transfer service – the following should help clarify some of the key pointers for those that have booked in advance. Where Will the Drive Meet Us or Pick Us Up? Upon arrival at Geneva Airport, the driver or a representative will be clearly visible in the arrivals area. If a private transfer service has been booked, the driver

Five Reasons to Pre-Book Geneva Airport Transfers

Anyone heading to the French Alps this year via Geneva for a much-needed break will face the task of deciding how on Earth exactly to get from the airport itself to their final resort of choice. Well, allow us to tell you from experience that those choosing to take a hire car and traverse the mountain roads themselves are quite simply mad – at least unless well-versed in driving on sheet-ice with sheer drops and either side of the road!

The Three Golden Rules for Scoring Cheap and Safe Ski Transfers

The way in which some people go on and on…and on…about booking ski resort transfers from Geneva airport, you’d think it would take a PhD in advanced logistical science to get the family from A to B safely, quickly and cheaply. Everywhere you look there are thousands of tips and guidelines as to what travelers must and must not do when looking at getting themselves and their belongings to the final destination – little wonder why some end up bewilderingly

Is Your Ski Transfer Service Insured, Licensed and Legit?

You’d think in this day and age that the concept of an unlicensed or downright illegal Geneva Airport transfer service would be outdated and void, but you’d be wrong. Not that it is just Geneva Airport that suffers from the problem, as travel to any major transport and transfer hub from London to Hong Kong and you’ll see dozens, maybe even hundreds of illegitimate transport providers doing what they can to hoodwink and swindle holidaymakers by the thousand. The trouble

Saving a Packet on French Alps Ski Transfers

Travellers heading for a ski holiday to the French Alps often think that once their flights are taken care of, the bulk of their travel expenses are taken care of. However, there are dozens of instances every day when this proves not to be the case at all for one simple reason – they haven’t factored in their resort transfers upon arrival at Geneva Airport…or Chambery, Lyon, Grenoble, Turin or anywhere else, for that matter. The trouble is, some assume

Geneva Alps Transfers – Why Not to Drive

Geneva airport is one of the most well-connected and serviced in the world by way of transfers to and from dozens of ski resorts across the French Alps, though thousands of travellers each and every year continue to insist on crowding the narrow roads with their own vehicles. Of course, the appeal of stepping off the plane at the airport and immediately taking ownership of a rental car seems obvious, but in these kinds of environments there are so many

Less Transfer = More Ski

When the winter months set in and ski season once again hits its peak, Geneva airport is transformed into one of the world’s busiest for skiers and snowboarders all heading for the French Alps. Located just a stone’s throw away from some of the most enviable ski resorts to be found anywhere in Europe, Geneva is becoming the airport of choice for weekenders, long-stayers, pro and bargain-hunters alike. Probably the most appealing factor of all with UK skiers is the

Ski Insurance Warning Reissued to Brits

According to leading insurance bodies across the UK, no less than one million festive holidaymakers will be toying with fate by hitting the French Alps over the Christmas period without adequate insurance. The popularity of these kinds of holidays is literally skyrocketing year after year, with almost 18% of all UK adults having indicated their intentions to take a ski or snowboarding holiday this year. Worryingly however, upwards of 10% admitted that they have no intention of buying any insurance

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