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What’s Happening in the Alps this April?

alps april

Fancy seeing the end of the ski season off in style? If you’re lucky enough to be heading to the Alps this month, you might be wondering what events are taking place while you’re there. With the ski season coming to a close, you’d be forgiven for thinking there won’t be much happening off the slopes. But you’d be wrong! The end of the ski season is just as exciting as the start! Here’s what’s happening in the Alps this

Sustainable Slopes: The Eco-Pistes Revolution

sustainable slopes

Ski holidays aren’t famous for their green reputation, which is why skiers often get a bad name among eco-warriors. This reputation is slightly unfair, skiers are only a tiny contribution to the world’s carbon footprint. But, it can’t be denied that we feel a pang of guilt at the thought of harming our beloved slopes. Climate change is now the number one concern of mountain communities. So, we’re leading the eco revolution on the pistes! But, how do you go

Top Tips for Preventing Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

Preventing Skiing Injuries

More people are taking to the slopes than ever before. Both disciplines require good balance and lots of confidence regardless of skill. We’re not here to take the fun out of things, however skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous pastimes which can cause a variety of injuries. To keep you safe out there, we’ve taken a look at the common injuries associated with these extreme sports. Here are our top tips for preventing skiing and snowboarding injuries. Wear Correct Fitting

Craving the Pack Mentality? A Guide to Group Ski Holidays

Are you craving the pack mentality? A group ski holiday might be calling your name. While there’s safety in numbers, group skiing isn’t right for everyone. If you consider yourself a lone wolf on the slopes, you might be questioning whether or not a group ski holiday is for you. We’re here to help. We’ve come up with the pros and cons, survival tips, and some advice for the designated organiser. Here’s our guide to group ski holidays. Advantages of

Alpine Anxiety: How to Conquer Your Ski Nerves

Picture the scene. You’re returning to the slopes for the first time in a long time. Ski boots feel alien, the slopes look daunting, and you can’t remember the difference between pizza and French fries. How can you conquer both the mountain and your nerves? Whether it’s your first ski holiday, or you’re returning to the slopes after an injury, there are plenty of rational reasons to feel nervous about skiing. Hurtling down a mountain does carry its risks, unsurprisingly.

What’s Happening in the Alps this March?

alps march

So, the ski season is coming to a close. This means that there won’t be much happening in the Alps this month, right? Wrong! In fact, this month sees the Alps ending the season on a high. From music festivals to ski races, there’s a lot happening off the slopes this March. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up the biggest and best events that should make your ski holiday an unforgettable one. Here’s what’s happening in the Alps this March.

Girl Powder: Shining a Spotlight on Women in Winter Sports

Let’s talk girl powder! From freestyle snowboarding like the Big Air, to the traditional slalom, winter sports can boast many exciting events. Ahead of International Women’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on women in winter sports. Let’s take a closer look at the ladies of the slopes. History of Women and Winter Sports Women have a complex background in winter sports. These days, women are tearing up the slopes –breaking records left, right and centre. But, the story used to

Why We Love End of Season Skiing

You’d be forgiven for thinking that if you couldn’t make it to the slopes in the winter, you’ve missed your chance to ski this year. But, you’d be wrong! In fact, late season skiing has many perks. From lower prices to quieter slopes, the end of the season has a lot on offer! Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of resorts open late into the year! The early bird might catch the worm, but, sometimes, it pays to be

How to Ski Safely: A Guide to Safer Slopes

Whether we like it or not, there are some risks involved with our winter sports. Unsurprisingly, hurtling down a mountain can pose some threats. But, if you’re anything like us, these dangers won’t stop you being first in the lift queue each season. The best slope experiences are often the most dangerous! Venturing off-piste, attempting a black run, performing a stunt… It can be hard to stay safe out there! So, how do you avoid the risks of skiing while

Where to Watch Winter Olympic Events in the Alps

If, like us, you’re a winter sports fanatic, you might be disappointed you couldn’t make it to PyeongChang this year. But, fear not! There’s still plenty of opportunities to witness some amazing winter sports events. So, if you want to experience something similar to the thrills and jaw-dropping moments of PyeongChang, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to watch Winter Olympic events in the Alps. Slalom, Alpine Skiing The Slalom is an Alpine skiing event where racers ski between obstacles, such